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Top Resources for Women Gun Owners

Top Resources For Women Gun Owners

Toy guns for boys and dolls for girls, right? Oh come on...

Those little girls have grown up and are choosing based on what they like and want - and that includes gun ownership. In fact, the 2021 National Firearms Survey determined that since 2019, nearly half of all new gun purchases have been made by women.

But despite the growing number of female gun owners, most resources available are male-dominated and fail to acknowledge women as a target audience. Looking at those websites might even feel like peeking inside an old boys’ club, which is certainly something we don’t need to do in 2021.

Here are our favorite five resources for women gun owners (so you can become the confident Annie Oakley you always wanted to be).

NRA Women Instagram

NRA Women

Of course, no list for women gun owners can be complete without NRA Women, the official NRA resource tailored for women interested in gun ownership and usage.

Made by women for women, the website offers content in multiple formats, and it’s updated nearly every day with articles, videos, tutorials, news, and anything you may need throughout your journey. Likewise, you will receive information about scholarships, awards, forums, and other opportunities.

Click here if you’d like to join.

The Well Armed Woman Instagram

The Well-Armed Woman

Next up is The Well-Armed Woman, one of the largest and most influential companies regarding female empowerment and the 2nd amendment.

Founded by Carrie Lightfoot after learning the use of firearms following an abusive relationship, she conceived The Well-Armed Woman as a resource center to educate, equip, and empower women in their journey.

You will find beginner information, advanced guides, self-defense tips, and even more within the website.

She Equips Herself Instagram


She Equips Herself 

Let’s be honest—lengthy articles are not for everyone. The idea is to learn without falling asleep, so if you prefer to watch rather than read, then She Equips Herself is just what you need.

Run by Stavroula, She Equips Herself is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing Stavroula’s passion for firearms with other women. She has everything you may need—concealed carry, firearm instruction, vlogs, reviews, tips, and more.

Shoot Like A Girl (slginc2) Instagram


Shoot Like a Girl 

Don’t let their logo deceive you—Shoot Like a Girl is not just about archery.

Founded in 2009, it was at its core a project meant to encourage women to participate in shooting sports, with a focus on archery through the Test Shot process, until they expanded their range in 2013 with the introduction of Firearms Test Shots.

The concept behind Shoot Like a Girl is to introduce women to safe practice shooting with high-quality simulators and encourage them to continue their journey ahead. Their website is also full of information, resources, and tips.

 A Girl and A Gun

A Girl and a Gun

A Girl and a Gun is more than a resource—it’s a club. It’s a party. Conceived as a club by women shooters to gather, exchange information, and have fun, it encourages women to encourage one another through the learning process and beyond. A virtuous circle, if you ask us.

You don’t need to be an expert to join—all the gatherings have female Certified Firearm Instructors ready to teach you the basics and advanced tips required for gun handling and safety, grip techniques, and even more.

Best part? They’re all over the United States!