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Woman reading blogs for women handgun owners in her home.

Best Blogs for Women Handgun Owners

Owning a handgun and learning all there is an individual process. After all, everyone has different priorities, styles, and concerns. But women interested in handguns have one thing in common—making their way through a profoundly male-dominated field.

NRA Women has plenty of resources for the modern woman, but sometimes you need more. It’s a big community to connect with and hear from other women, as their outlook can make a difference and give you the encouragement you need to continue your journey.

Take a look at these five blogs/resources—all of them created by empowered, creative, and strong women willing to share their knowledge with all of us, making them the perfect resources to follow.

Huntress View

With a name like that, you know exactly what to expect. Huntress View is what its name says—hunting and shooting from the point of view of highly-capable women, intending to make firearm knowledge more accessible to other ladies.

Considered by Ammunition Depot as one of the Top 15 Blogs for Women Shooters, Huntress View has specialized teams in over 20 states and updates blog posts every week (publishing tips, prep, reviews, and recipes).

Woman Shooter

Full disclaimer—Woman Shooter has not been updated since 2019. Although that is a pity, we cannot deny that it is still worth a look, as it is overflowing with information, articles, and content that remains relevant.

From instruction to fashion, there is nothing Woman Shooter can’t do—and by that, we mean both the website and you. So, make sure to take a look at the blog, and who knows, maybe they will start updating again soon! 

Front Sight Press

Front Sight Press began as a personal blog by Tiffany Johnson to share her views and support for the Second Amendment. As a successful lawyer and firearm enthusiast turned instructor, her background allows us to see a unique perspective.

The result is a blog full of enlightening insights, clever ideas, great tips, and beneficial legal advice worth taking a look at! 

Women’s Outdoor News

Women’s Outdoor News—also known as The WON—is less of a news website and more a dynamic group of women sharing what they love. Whether it’s handguns, hunting, fishing, or all of them together, you’re bound to find it at The WON.

Best part? It has plenty of lifestyle articles, mixing practical information and tips for handgun owners with other content such as personal stories, cooking recipes, and the best movies to watch for firearms enthusiasts. 

My Sister’s Keeper Defense

Founded by a veteran of the US Army, My Sister’s Keeper Defense is a blog built to empower women everywhere through defense classes and tips to make sure they remain strong in every setting.

Since it focuses on the self-defense angle, women visiting the blog will learn everything to avoid becoming a victim—from situational awareness to tips on maneuvering through the struggles of being a woman in a male-dominated field.