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Shop Local This Holiday Season - Dallas-Fort Worth Edition

The holiday season is here, which means it's time to finish shopping.

We know you are quite sad that our collection is not out just yet—believe us, we are too. But although we cannot join you for this holiday season, good things come for those who wait. 

While we make sure our release is as perfect as it can be for you to enjoy, let us give you a hand when it comes to local purchases.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has plenty to offer, including high-quality, sustainable, excellent options for you and your loved ones, so take a look at the best brands you can buy from this holiday season.

LaudeTheLabel Instagram
For sustainable clothing: Laude The Label

Fast fashion might be convenient, but it's built upon the sacrifice of underpaid workers and damaging ecological practices. 

Laude The Label aims to change that. Located in Fort Worth, the company is currently composed of women worldwide, including Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, India, and Peru. They are paid fair-trade wages, and each piece is crafted with sustainable, high-quality materials.

Eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and gorgeous to look at—what more do we need?

Shoshannah Frank

For the quirky and original: Shoshannah Frank

This is not traditional jewelry. 

Shoshannah Frank is a certified metalsmith and sculptor with a passion—creating unique pieces that might be unlike anything else you've seen.

Skulls, snakes, and odd imagery abound, creating a unique type of mystical charm that it's impossible to resist for people who enjoy originality.

If this particular aesthetic suits your tastes or those of someone you know, then you cannot miss her collections. Each piece is designed and handcrafted to stand out from the crowd.

Ephemera Terrariums

For the plant lovers: Ephemera Terrariums

Green thumb or not, plants are an excellent way to liven up a space and a relaxing hobby to drain stress and nurture life.

Ephemera Terrariums offers you the chance to bring greenery to your home in a small package. Design your dream terrarium there with succulents and cacti, or buy the ones ready at the store—the result is a wonderfully lush piece of art and an equally stunning gift.

Dallas Pinup

For the vintage enthusiast: Dallas Pinup Shop

If poodle skirts, rockabilly tracks, or Bettie Page pinups define your aesthetic or that of someone you love, then Dallas Pinup Shop is the place to be. 

Designed to please the heart of mid-century vintage enthusiasts, Dallas Pinup Shop features over thirty local female vendors focusing on aesthetic perfection. Whether you wish to have a perfect vintage haircut, burlesque-like lingerie, or that unique rockabilly dress, odds are you will find it here.

Cris Worley

For the artsy souls: Cris Worley Fine Arts

Decoration enthusiasts and art lovers know that a beautiful painting can be the centerpiece that elevates your spaces to the next level. 

Cris Worley Fine Arts is the perfect stop for people who enjoy contemporary art and find that beauty with meaning brings them joy. Focusing on promoting local artists at any stage of their careers, the gallery allows you to support new talent and make a difference in your home at the same time.