(surprise!) Bonuses During Preorder

(surprise!) Bonuses During Preorder

Zendira started by designing concealed carry purses to solve a problem our founder's friends had. Now, we're able to widen our friend circle to include YOU.

How do we treat our friends? Like we want to be treated.

Ever had that friend who mails you a cute card when you're a little bummed? Or the friend who forwards you a funny TikTok when she knows you need it? That's who we want to be for you.

Starting...with making the wait for your Monday purse a little more fun. How? With bonuses!

We have two bonuses to keep you checking your email waiting for that shipping confirmation to arrive (pro tip: you can take it easy on the refresh button until September). 

  • For the first 50 Monday preorders, we'll ship a special bonus from our friends at She's Birdie ($29.95 value) in July. 
  • For the first 100 Monday preorders (yeah, that means the first 50 preorders will get two bonuses), we'll ship an exclusive gift we're making just for them ($50 value) in August.

Make sure you're signed up for the waitlist and be ready to preorder your Monday purse when the calendar flips to May 28th!