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National Rifle Association Annual Meeting (NRAAM) in Houston

What to Wear to NRAAM (National Rifle Association Annual Meeting)

This Memorial Day Weekend, you have to get ready. And we mean ready—with the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting and Exhibits right around the corner, it’s time to get a checklist of what you need to clear before then.

First and foremost? What to wear, of course!

If you’re a newcomer and plan to attend the event—and we know you do—you need to be aware of the best tricks and tips for your outfit and what to bring.

Luckily, we’re seasoned experts and have the best advice for you to take home and bring back to the NRAAM.

1. Comfortable shoes.

It should be a given by now, but we understand the impulse to show off cute shoes can often override the need to be comfortable. However, keep those pretty yet tight shoes away from your feet during the NRAAM.

You’ll have to walk. A lot.

If you’re focused on how much your feet hurt with each step you take, you won’t be able to focus your all on the many different exhibits, events, and forums. How can you appreciate the enchanting beauty of Princess Diana’s Shotgun in the exhibition when all you can think of is when you can sit down again?

Comfy shoes only—but all the better if they’re fashionable too!

2. Sneak in snacks.

Okay, you got us—this isn’t technically something you wear. However, it is nonetheless an essential part of your NRAAM preparation kit—if you don’t pack sufficient snacks, you’ll regret it.

While there is certainly no shortage of restaurants and food options in the vicinities, odds are you won’t want to leave the premises at all. The schedule is packed with many events and exhibitions, and the day may not be enough to cover it all.

Solution? Carry some fulfilling snacks with you—they’re easy to bring and can be lifesavers whenever you’re in a pinch!

3. Backpack.

Did you know that backpacks are allowed on-site at the NRAAM?

It can be a lifesaver if you plan to carry many items with you—or if you plan to make the most out of the deals and discounts. It will make it easier to distribute the weight, and it can also help you explore the venue at leisure.

Of course, if you are confident that you won’t need all that extra space, you can leave the backpack at home, but make sure to bring a purse just in case!

However, keep in mind that although backpacks are allowed, you have to wear it at all times. Abandoned bags will be taken to security, and you could get in a pinch.

4. Your wallet!

Window shopping is really fun, but this is not the event to leave your wallet at home.

With over 600 listed and approved exhibitors, you won’t run out of things to explore, see, and buy. Gear, accessories, fashion, art, hunting gear, decoration, and much more—you never know what you may come across, and you’ll need to be ready to treat yourself to a thing or two.

Amongst the many items scheduled to debut at the NRAAM this year, you’ll find ours—Zendira’s luxurious concealed carry purses combine sophistication with functionality, allowing you to defend your rights efficiently and with style.

Plus, the deals are to die for.