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Confident woman wearing layers in a city.

The Basics of Layering Security

It sounds like a military-grade strategy or a complex mechanism established by banks to ensure the maximum safekeeping of some valuable gold ingots. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Layered security is, in simple words, what you should be doing right now to guarantee maximum protection and peace of mind with minimal effort.

What does Layering Security Mean?

As the name implies, layering security means combining multiple security methods and techniques, overlapping them to provide different defense layers in case of danger.

Think of it as a failsafe approach. If someone bypasses your first security layer, you’ll always have a second or third one to rely on.

In our case, layering security would mean walking out of our house with different defense techniques. Guns are essential, but they don’t have to be your only option and should be your last resort.

But what could you try first?

A Great First Step—Safety Keychains For Women.

Safety keychains have grown in popularity, and with good reason—they are easy to conceal and can be a mighty self-defense weapon for women, as they often look inconspicuous and harmless. 

Likewise, since they are non-lethal, they are an excellent self-defense response for circumstances where any other type of weapon may not be required.

Best part? Your concealed carry purse can house them with ease. You can wear your gun on you for peace of mind and let additional steps in your layering security system do the rest.

But that’s not the only alternative you can carry in your purse.

Next? Consider A Personal Alarm.

They’re exactly what they sound like. And believe me, they sound, and they do it well.

Personal alarms are small, portable hand-held devices designed to be loud, eye-catching, and startling. Their purpose? To bring attention to you as much as possible, discouraging assailants from approaching you.

They’re an excellent deterrence technique, which should always be your first layer in personal security. 

And oh boy, do we have great news for you regarding that. Drum roll, please.

Huge News, Everyone: First 50 Preorders Will Receive A She’s Birdie Alarm.

At Zendira, we aim to ensure you feel confident, protected, and empowered. To achieve that, we want to gift you yet another layer of security to tuck in your concealed carry purse.

Join the waitlist so you’re ready to be one of the first 50 preorders who will receive a She’s Birdie alarm—a small, powerful, and high-quality personal alarm that boasts a colorful and chic design for the contemporary woman as a special bonus.

It is the perfect addition to the brand-new purse of a sophisticated woman seeking to make her way in the world while feeling protected. 

But wait—The She’s Birdie Alarm… How to Use It?

Do not fret, my friend; using the She’s Birdie alarm is quick and easy—befitting something meant to be used under distress.

If your gut feeling tells you that you’re in danger, trust it and act. Insert your finger in the hole at the top cap of your alarm and pull it—the motion will activate the loud siren and accompanying flashing lights, bringing attention to you.

The motion is swift and easy yet requires some force, therefore guaranteeing you won’t trigger it by mistake.

This quick, non-violent method is an excellent way to start your layered protection. Clip it to the key leash inside your brand new Zendira concealed carry purse and enjoy your peace of mind.

And if the time comes to use your other security layers? Well, you’ll be ready.