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Leather for a designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag).

Can Leather Be Sustainable?

By Bianca Pasqualini

Sustainability has taken over the textile and fashion industry and, while doing so, it has given rise to a lot of questions. Among these debates, there’s the hot topic of leather and how sustainable it can be.

Contrary to what many people think, leather is a sustainable material and here’s why. It is a by-product from the meat industry, that is: if the fashion industry didn’t recycle this material, it would mostly end up in the landfills, and that’s clearly not an eco-friendly practice.

Moreover, leather is a highly durable material and biodegradable too, which means it doesn’t become poison for the Earth once its lifespan has come to an end. With the right use of chemicals and technology, the leather industry can minimize the footprint of this material and promote a circular economy.

Yes, we are aware that there are a few alternatives to this material, such as “natural” faux leathers and the so-called “vegan” leathers. As a brand that is working to leave a positive impact on the planet, we studied all the options and we considered those as well.

Nevertheless, what you may not know about these substitutes is that they are usually mixed with PU (also known as polyurethane). The problem with PU leather is that it’s made of plastic and other petroleum-based derivatives, which are hardly a green solution for the environment.

With all these aspects in mind, we decided to opt for the most natural alternative and minimize industrial waste. We partnered with Tenería Panamericana, a Mexican tannery highly committed to the environment and one of the most important ones of the region.

They produce high quality leather that is made to last and that’s how we can assure you that our products will have a long lifetime. They are known for working under responsible practices: for example, they use 100% recycled fuel and solar-powered energy. In addition, they work with an automated system for the measurement of water in order to obtain a functional and efficient supply chain.

Tenería Panamericana is a key member of several ecological organizations within the industry, like BLC (the Leather Technology Center Ltd) and CANALCUR (the National Chamber of Tanning Industry).

The tannery has received multiple green certifications too, such as the LWG (Environmental Stewardship Audit), the GTO EMPRESA LIMPIA (Clean Industry State Certification), the ECOTANNERY (Environmental Local Certification) and the CESRL (Company with Social Responsibility).

We chose to work with them because they provide us with premium quality, long-lasting leather, which translates into bags with a durable lifecycle. Partnering with Tanería Panamericana allowed us to create custom leather that is water resistant to extend the life of your handbag even longer.

As you can see and experience for yourself, leather is quite an ethical debate right now. We believe we are making the most sustainable choice at the moment and will pursue the opportunity to use more sustainable materials as they are available.

We want to be transparent about our brand choices and share with you not only our designs, but the decisions we make backstage and the reasons behind them. We want you to know how our handbags are made, who makes them, who our partners are and why we chose to collaborate with them.

We are constantly working to find the best possible solutions. As we always say, it’s very difficult to be 100% sustainable these days, but the important thing is that we all do our best! Check out our leather handbag collection here.