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Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

Everyday Carry for the Extraordinary Woman

There’s no question that we’re living in unprecedented times. As the world slowly opens back up, people are starting to think about protecting themselves in new ways as they venture outside their homes.

The pandemic, civil unrest, the recent election, and an alarming uptick of violence across the U.S. have led more people than ever to buy, register, and carry concealed weapons.

In addition to the increase in gun ownership, we think the statistics about who is buying guns is interesting. A recent study led by Harvard researchers found that women now account for nearly half of all new gun owners. That compares to only 10 – 20 percent over the previous several decades.

Women from all walks of life are buying guns and learning safe ways to use and carry them. These are strong, empowered women who want to protect themselves. However, they don’t necessarily want to sacrifice their existing style to do so.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for safety, thanks to Zendira’s line of beautiful handbags specifically designed to conceal your weapon while retaining your sense of style.

Choosing the Right Handbag for Concealed Carry

Once you have a handgun, your next decision is how to carry it. You could use a holster, but that can be bulky and uncomfortable. Unless you’re in law enforcement, a holster may clash with your style.

While there isn’t a law against putting your handgun in your ordinary purse, it’s not a smart move. Traditional purses aren’t designed with concealed carry in mind. They lack the security measures of concealed carry handbags combined with quick access to your handgun when you need it.

Instead, look for a handbag specifically designed for concealed carry. Here are some of the features Zendira’s bags include to keep you safe and protected at all times.

Easy access

You don’t want to dig through your handbag looking for your weapon when you’re confronted. A thoughtfully designed concealed carry handbag provides easy access to your gun when you need it. Zendira’s handbags use magnets instead of zippers so you can quickly access your gun without fighting with a zipper.


You want your concealed weapon to be, well, concealed. There’s no reason to let the world know you’re carrying a gun with you. When you carry a Zendira handbag, all anyone sees is that you have style, not a handgun.

Style to fit your fashion sense

Zendira’s handbags are designed to complement your style, so you can take them with you wherever you go with confidence. Whether you carry consistently in your handbag or change it up with a belly band or belt, a Zendira handbag will still be by your side. Our handbags are spacious enough to accommodate everything you need with you.

Separate storage compartment

The most significant benefit of using a concealed carry handbag instead of a traditional purse is that it has a separate storage compartment specifically designed for concealed carry. This keeps you safe, so you don’t accidentally fire your weapon when you’re reaching for your lipstick. Since we designed Zendira around the holsters women know and love, it’s easy to switch from handbag to belt and back again.


Thieves will go to any length to get the contents of your purse, including cutting the straps. Our handbags include padded wire in the straps to prevent cutting.

Choose Your Style

At Zendira, we know that handbags reflect your style and personality. That’s why we have several designs that suit your lifestyle. Find a handbag that protects you whether you’re heading off to work, meeting friends for brunch, hitting the gym, or going out for the evening.

See for yourself how Zendira handbags are designed for extraordinary women. Shop our collection and choose the luxury handbag that fits your style.