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Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

How To Find a Fashionable and Functional Concealed Carry Bag

Finding the perfect concealed carry handbag is challenging. There are many considerations in your search and only a few reliable brands that allow women to carry beautifully. Let's look at the inspired design ideas that you should consider in your search.

Everyday Ability to Carry Beautifully

Your handbag is not simply where you can conceal carry. It's also part of your outfit, so the bag you choose needs to complement your wardrobe. Plus, your bag needs to hold everything a non-concealed carry purse would in addition to your firearm.

An added consideration to an everyday concealed carry handbag is size. An inspired design will have space for multiple firearm calibers so you’re not limited to what you want by your side. Another consideration is to find a handbag that will keep your firearm orientated correctly.

How Inspired Design Handles Weight

Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

Firearms are dense and can create an awkward weight distribution, even inside a bag. The weight of a gun is why many women choose not to carry in one of the waistband positions. Ideally, your bag should take weight into its design considerations to help you carry discreetly. A bag that falls over is going to make people wonder what you have in there.

At Zendira, we’ve incorporated a wide base in our handbags to keep your concealed carry as discreet as possible.

Safe Straps

Leather strap with slash-proof cable inside for designer concealed carry purses (concealed carry handbags).

Unfortunately, straps are often a weak point in concealed carry purses. You want straps that are slash-proof so your weapon stays with you no matter what. You do not want to be among the women who lose their bag to a thief slashing the straps and running off with your firearm.

There are several distinct ways to make slash-proof straps. Some companies choose a slash-resistant material for their design. Others, such as Zendira, create a slash-proof core in the straps, by running wire through the core and adding comfort padding. Of course, you want to ensure your bag has some protection incorporated into the inspired design.

Ability to Keep the Bag Under Control

Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

One of the significant issues with off-body carry is control of your firearm. You must always have your handbag under control to safely carry the weapon. Your bag cannot simply be near you in an emergency; it must be on you.

Carrying the bag needs to be manageable, so you're always able to draw your firearm. A solid concealed carry handbag will factor this in. You should also be able to easily keep the straps on or hold the bag in your lap while always knowing your gun's orientation.

Inspired Access Design

Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

It matters how you access your firearm. That's why you want an inspired design to help you carry beautifully and functionally. Otherwise, you will not be able to draw and fire as quickly. In addition, there are many options for how the gun is secured in the bag.

Zippers are common for concealed carry gun compartments. However, they can break or catch when you open them. Velcro, another solution, is a disadvantage when you need to access your firearm quietly. Zendira offers patent-pending magnetic closures for a secure compartment and easy emergency access.

Are you interested in concealed carry handbags with inspired designs that let you carry beautifully? Check out Zendira today for high-quality, practical, and stylish options.