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Zendira concealed carry purse brand announces the One Sweet Setback Giveaway

One Sweet Setback...Giveaway!

Call it a setback. Call it a challenge. We decided to call it the One Sweet Setback Giveaway.

Our setback is, however you measure it, big. Our first order has been lost. Gone. Poof. Vanished. Disappeared. The carrier (who shall remain nameless) can’t find it.

We threw a small pity party and shed some tears. After pulling it together, we looked at the money and time lost and realized we have no choice but to turn these lemons into lemonade.

Except…it turns out none of us are big fans of lemonade. Who knew? We are, however, fangirls of London’s luxury fudge maker sugarfinery. So, we’ve ordered enough limoncello fudge to share with 15 of you!

We’ll randomly select 15 names from our email list on March 1st at 9am Texas time (that’s central, for those folks who don’t revolve around the Texas sun). Winners (yes, that’s what we’re calling anyone who is mailed a box of fabulous sugarfinery limoncello fudge) will be announced on social media and in an email blast.

Sign up today and taste how sweet a setback can be.