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Packaging for Zendira designer concealed carry purses (concealed carry handbags).

Beautiful Packaging for a Beautiful Planet

By Bianca Pasqualini

The urgency to care for our planet has intensified during the past year and a half, and we’re well aware of that. The fashion and textile industry has reached a decisive moment, a turning point where each action counts, no matter how big or small.

It goes without saying that accessories are an essential element in your wardrobe: not just because of their functionality, but also because they can make or break an entire outfit. Not only do they have an impact on your look, they also have an impact on our planet. It is up to all of us to make that positive, not negative.

There are still lots of things to change, but working together to support sustainable and ethical brands will get us on the right road, for sure. All of us – both brands and consumers – need do our part to achieve a greener future and that’s why we’ve made some key decisions at Zendira. 

As you may know, being sustainable is not just about what we create and how we do it, but also about what we leave behind. So, we decided to team up with EcoEnclose to minimize our packaging and shipping footprint. All our leather handbags are wrapped in 100% recycled and recyclable clear bags, which allows us to protect both your handbag and our planet at the same time. 

In order to deliver quality to your doorstep, we add a newsprint paper inside our leather handbags, so they maintain their shape while in shipping. But, as we said, the environment is always on our minds, so we opted for the most sustainable option available

Instead of traditional plastic bubble wrap, we use 100% recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging paper. This earth minded alternative comes as a rolled paper, which lets us cut and use the exact length we need. This helps us reduce needless waste and expense over pre-cut sheets. 

To us, having a box inside another box with a bag inside another bag seems absolutely unnecessary. Rather than producing all this avoidable waste, we chose EcoEnclose’s 100% recycled custom shipping boxes. They’re printed with algae ink, which maintains their recyclable nature.

Your Zendira leather handbag will come inside a reusable dust bag, which you can either continue to use to protect it from dirt, dust, moisture, and scratching; or you can repurpose it. We designed them to be beautiful and useful when packing for trips or grabbing a few items at the store.

All these packaging alternatives are both sustainable and help us minimize waste. But beyond that, we have an extra surprise under our sleeve: they’re all manufactured here in the USA! This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint even more by opting for locally sourced packaging alternatives and not choosing a partner from the other side of the world.  

We considered every single detail to assure you the highest quality while protecting the planet. None of our choices were made randomly. We welcome you to explore all the features of Zendira handbags and join us in this journey towards an eco-friendly future!