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Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Concealed Carry

Should you leave the house carrying openly or concealed?

There are arguments for both sides. For example, some believe that demonstrating you’re armed will reduce the likelihood of a crime happening around you. Then there are others who carry off-body and think they have the element of surprise, which is an advantage every time.

So which option should you choose? There are plenty of reasons to consider concealed carry as your preferred choice. Here are just some of the benefits worth keeping in mind.

1. You Get Extra Training

In most places, carrying a concealed weapon means you need to obtain a permit. It might seem like a hassle, but it can be a blessing in disguise.

As part of obtaining a permit and carrying concealed, you’ll need to complete some training with your firearm. This will help you become more familiar with your weapon and allow you to operate it safely. Even if where you live does not require a permit, give yourself the extra training you deserve.

2. It’s the More Comfortable Option

Do you want to be running from meeting to meeting or hanging out at your favorite brunch spot with a holster hanging from your waist? When you open carry, you’re going to have to find creative ways to bring your weapon and feel comfortable in your outfit.

The other alternative is to get a concealed carry bag. It allows you to be more comfortable and wear anything in your wardrobe. The best part is that you won’t have a prominent bulge sticking out from your hips.

3. You Can Keep a Low Profile

Have you ever felt the eyes of people watching you when your weapon is visible? Sure, some of them are trying to figure out what you’re carrying and if they should be jealous. Some of them, though, may feel threatened (or worse).

It’s one of the many reasons why a lot of people choose concealed carry. It’s no one else’s business that you’re carrying protection. You can stay off the radar when you’re out in public while still feeling safe.

4. You’re Able to Move More Freely

Do you find harnesses restrictive? The straps across your back can sometimes feel too loose or too tight that they pull your shoulders back. It can be challenging to find a perfect middle ground.

With concealed carry, you have a lot more options. A specially designed handbag has a perfect compartment (or two) to hold your weapon. You can walk with confidence just as if your firearm was strapped to your hip or ankle without the extra layer of clothing.

5. No One Will Try to Take it From You

If a situation arises, the first thing an attacker will do is go for your weapon if they can see it. However, they won’t be able to if they don’t think you’re carrying a firearm.

In these scenarios, you’ll be able to draw it in your time. You just need to ensure you choose a concealed carry bag that is zipper-less and doesn’t require making a loud rip of Velcro to gain access to it.

Where to Get Concealed Carry Bags

Concealed carry has many benefits. It’s more comfortable, doesn’t restrict your movement, and you’re able to keep a low profile if you’re shy about walking around with a weapon. You also get to complete some extra training as part of obtaining a permit.

The most important question is how to conceal your weapon. That’s why you should turn to Zendira if you want to carry beautifully. You’ll find chic designs that feature everything you need in a concealed carry bag. Head over to our store to check out our designs.