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Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) with a model.

4 Benefits of a Concealed Carry Bag

A woman’s handbag is a source of power in everyday life. When it comes to the choice to carry, the bag becomes even more important. 

There are plenty of traditional methods for concealed carry, but the modern woman has the opportunity for more. Women who carry can be chic without the expense of safety and accessibility. A concealed carry bag can elevate your carry style in a way that's both beautiful and functional.

Once you consider the benefits of a concealed carry bag, it’s easy to see how they can be the best way to carry beautifully. Here’s why:

Not On Body (But Close Enough)

For many women, our handbag is a lifeline for everything they might need, especially when they carry. It's something that isn't just always within reach, but likely always on our body–just as a traditional belted holster would be.

Zendira bags are specifically designed to be by your side. These beautiful concealed carry bags fit and work just like any belt clip does. The bag's construction features tactical webbing to act as a belt inside a concealed carry compartment. This allows the make and model that you’re comfortable with carrying to fit seamlessly and be just as secure to your body as if it were on your hip.

Easy Access

Losing things in our bags might be common, but when it comes to our firearms, ease of access is paramount. Concealed carry bags must prioritize how the gun is holstered, so there is no guesswork involved in the event you need to draw. 

Zendira’s beautiful concealed carry bags offer a familiar approach to concealed carry, but with a twist to ensure speedy access. The patent-pending pocket is fitted with magnets, instead of obstructive velcro or zippers, so you can be sure your draw is smooth and swift.


We carry in case of emergencies, so ensuring a concealed carry bag isn’t a burden or a hazard is important for protection and preparation. 

Zendira bags are made with slash-proof handles so they can’t be cut. The wire reinforcement in the straps promises security while the added padding ensures comfort. No matter how heavy your carry is, you’ll feel both secure and comfortable with it on your shoulder.

Printing Unlikely

Although it's tactical, a quality concealed carry bag is not obvious. The bag shouldn't give away your secrets, and specialized concealed carry bags are thoughtfully crafted to ensure you remain discreet.

Zendira bags are handcrafted with premium leather that’s durable and print-resistant. By carrying a beautiful bag without the threat of imprinting, you’ll ensure that you can continue to keep your carry concealed no matter how long you wear the bag.

Final Thoughts

A concealed carry bag not only ensures that you carry safely, but also that you carry beautifully. Our collection aims to meet this necessary criteria, all while remaining functional. When you choose a bag that is also focused on comfort and quality, a concealed carry bag is the surefire way to elevate your carry style.