A Collection For Generations

A Collection For Generations

"How long do you want these bags to last?" a manufacturer once asked our founder. How do you think most companies answer? More than one season?

Designing a collection for generations takes clear priorities and values. At Zendira, we value sustainability and quality because they go hand in hand. In order for our concealed carry purses to outlast fast fashion and reduce our footprint, we need to stick to the answer our founder gave that man.

“I have bags my grandma owned in my closet. I want to make pieces that will last as long as they will and still look as good.”

It takes a big commitment to find durable materials, like top-grain leather, especially when travel is limited (hello 2021...2022...). There is plenty of leather out there that’s inexpensive and looks okay, but not for long. The same scratch on quality top-grain leather can be a puncture on lower quality leather. None of you are going to have a beautiful Zendira handbag with a hole in it, because we don't cut corners in selecting materials.

Making a handbag that will last also takes us directly onto the factory floor. We work with the men and women who sew the handbags to ensure each stitch will hold. Once the bags are finished, we inspect every bag from top to bottom, inside and out.

Our founder’s grandma had a saying that we are adopting: You do what you can do, and that’s all you can do.

We’re doing all we can do to make Zendira handbags look great when your granddaughter pulls them out of her closet.