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Winter Must-Have Fashion Items for Back to Work

Brrr, it’s… back to work season. 

Many of us have spent over a year and a half working from the comfort of our homes. With nowhere to go and no one to impress, it was all too easy to trade our pencil skirts and kitten heels for baggy sweats and house slippers.

Now, months have passed since we’ve had to put effort into our appearance - and not just from the waist up for video conferences (don’t worry - we’re all guilty of that). As offices reopen and we return to some semblance of normalcy, you may be at a loss, fashion-wise. But there’s no need to fret! In addition to hand sanitizer, a pack of tissues, and a face mask, you also want to think about updating your wardrobe with appropriate work attire for the winter season. We have you covered (literally) with the latest winter trends to keep you warm and fashionable when you return to work. From outerwear and undergarments to footwear and accessories, this extensive list will help you brave the cold months in style.

Sweater Dress 

@cellajaneblog post on Instagram

When you think of winter, what comes to mind? Hot chocolate, cozying up by the fireplace, and… That’s right: sweaters. The sweater dress puts a fun twist on your average jumper. Instagram influencer Becky Hill (@cellajaneblog) featured one of her favorites: a chic waist-tied sweater dress, perfect for the winter season. Wear it over a pair of black tights and shrug on a coat when it’s extra chilly out.

Trench Coat 

@carodaur Instagram post
@carodaur post on Instagram

Speaking of coats. You didn’t think we wouldn’t include one on this list now, did you? While you might want to opt for whatever provides the most warmth, we don’t believe you have to sacrifice fashion (and risk looking like a marshmallow). A trench coat is trendy and still keeps you warm. Its lightweight silhouette is ideal for transitioning into the colder months. Fashion influencer Caroline Daur (@carodaur) certainly recognizes the need for a staple trench coat  - she sported a nude Burberry number while strolling the streets of Germany.

Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots are a winter staple every woman needs in their closet. Not only are they comfortable and practical, but they’re also supremely stylish. In addition, the versatility is unmatched, allowing you to wear them with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, and just about any outfit for work.

Cozy Cashmere Sweater 

When the temperature begins to drop, the thought of bundling up under a pile of blankets all day is inviting. However, once you return to work, that’s not exactly possible. A cozy cashmere sweater is the closest thing to a warm blanket, so you can stay warm wherever you are. If you need inspiration to style your sweater, fashion Youtuber Wendy Nguyen (@wendyslookbook) tucks her neutral cashmere sweater into a maxi skirt with a pair of lace-up heeled boots.

A Pair of Tights

@mvb on Instagram
@mvb post on Instagram

Want to don a mini skirt or dress in the winter but not willing to risk hypothermia? We have the answer to your prayers: fleece tights. With cold months comes layers - tights are the ultimate layering piece for winter. A pair of high-quality tights will accommodate any outfit by protecting your legs on chilly days. Style influencer Marie Von Behrens (@mvb) showcased her tights under black shorts and paired them with a matching blazer for a sleek appearance.

Knit Scarf 

Scarves are a staple accessory in the wintertime. Not only do they provide much-needed warmth, scarves are also effortlessly stylish. Though they come in a variety of fabrics, we recommend knit, as it combines comfort and heat. In addition, they’re perfect for layering, so once you get to work, unwind it and remove it until it’s time to clock out for the day.

Turtleneck Top

@xenia on Instagram
@xenia post on Instagram

Protect your neck from blistering winds with your favorite turtleneck top, a must-have in your winter wardrobe. Turtlenecks deliver a classic, chic appearance - think Audrey Hepburn. Made in various styles and fabrics, they’re versatile, allowing you to style them as you please. Entrepreneur Xenia Tchoumi (@xenia) frequently features turtlenecks on her Instagram profile, reinforcing their utility and style.

Cashmere Gloves 

Winter often means dreaded commutes to work. In addition to scraping snow off your windshield, your steering wheel is freezing, and you may find yourself reluctant to even get out of bed at the thought of performing the whole winter morning ritual. Make chilly mornings a more bearable experience by investing in quality cashmere gloves to protect your hands from the cold and motivate you to leave the house.

Now that you’ve upgraded your closet to hold all of your winter workwear, you can return to work in style. Don’t worry - your sweats and slippers will be waiting for you when the day is over!