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Designer concealed carry purse (concealed carry handbag) being sewn.

Leather Handbags, Timeless and Sustainable Must-Haves

When people talk about fast fashion and what it encompasses, they usually refer to its environmental and social problems. The fast fashion industry drains the natural resources from Earth, and encourages unfair wages and inhumane working conditions.

But there’s one more thing we tend to forget or just not take into consideration as much as we should when we talk about this system.
Fast fashion also promotes the buy-and-toss mindset, one of the biggest challenges within the slow fashionmovement. Tons of fashion goods are filling up the landfills around the world, and sometimes they haven’t even been worn.
You may be wondering how can you reverse this mindset in order to achieve a sustainable life. First of all, it’s important to you prioritize quality over quantity. Long-lasting clothes and accessories will guarantee you an eco-friendly closet and a happy wallet in the long-term.
It’s also essential that you stay away from fleeting trends and invest in fashion that adapts to your unique fashion style and lifestyle. And for these reasons, leather handbags are your new best friend.
Leather handbags are must-have because they are resistant, durable, and timeless. You’ll be able to wear them for several years and they will still be trendy. In our next sustainable fashion article, you’ll find all our tips and recommendations to take proper care of your bags and make them last even longer (stay tuned!).

Leather bags are perfect for everyday use, and great for special occasions since they never go out of style. There are a variety of options, you just have to choose the one that best adapts to you. Here are a few styling ideas:
  • Shoulder bags are one of the most common options because they’re comfortable and easy to wear. They’re very versatile and a perfect accessory for casual, effortless looks.

  • Tote bagsalso known as shopping bags are a go-to if you tend to carry a lot of things in your day to day. They’re both functional and timeless, and because they’re made of leather, strength is assured.

  • For formal occasions and black tie events, you can’t go wrong with a leather clutch. They’ll carry all your essential belongings and provide that elegant, personal touch to your outfit. Leather is a glamorous material, no matter what shape it takes.

  • A bit smaller than tote bags, but still as practical, satchel bags are great for corporate, chic looks. They offer flexibility and they are plenty spacious to carry your laptop, books and personal items as well.
As you can see, options are endless and the list is far from complete. These are only a few of the styles you can find today. The important thing is to understand that in order to achieve a sustainable wardrobe, you need to invest in quality, timeless pieces that will accompany you for a very long time, and leather handbags are the answer. Take a look at our store and find your new best friend!